Mobility and Getting Around

Move, move together or move alone. Keeping alive and building a community, we need active streets and sustainable commute options. Only then we can get the human cities - a soft urbanism

The physical surroundings we have in towns and cities will be with us for a long time. And, the unbuilt area between the buildings have a big potential - for better mobility.

My heart is with the active, sustainable city. To truly understand this, I have to walk the talk and move around in different modes. Only then I can design and plan a good street - because I understand the human scale and speed. 
Since I was a teenager in early 90s, I´ve been biking around towns and cities. I still do - but now I also take the train, buses and cars. This has given me crucial experience on how we do design and how we should design for humans. And with my baby daughter growing up soon, my mission gets strengthened even more.  
Obviously we should plan for less traffic of private cars and more active modes of transportation and mobility. But we have to also understand the human touch of spaces to truly succeed in making a better city, a soft urbanism.
Some of the pictures above are public documents and are made by architects that produced the planning proposals. To enhance the display of the different projects that I have worked with, I chose to use this pictures on my portfolio page.
The architect company on this page is:
- Trodahl Arkitekter (3 pictures of second row) - Fjogstad Hus (bottom left illustration) - Sjo Fasting arkitekter (bottom middle illustrastion) - Lala Tøyen architects (bottom right illustration)
Please let me know if you are the owner of the picture and you do not accept the display here.

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